Devotionals with Laura

by Dan L. White

 from Ashley Preston Publishing


Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote the happy Little House books.

She also regularly read her little Bible.

How were they connected?


In the rambling house at Laura and Manly’s Rocky Ridge Farm is a rocker where Laura rested and read.  After her death, Laura’s small Bible was found by her rocker.  Inside that Bible were some handwritten notes, listing Laura’s favorite Bible selections.

~That list tells us mountains about the Little House lady~

Laura turned to these verses when she was in a time of crisis, or discouraged, or fearful, or deeply in need of God’s words.

·        When were those critical times in her life?

·        What did those Bible verses mean to her?

·        What do they mean to us?

·        What is God saying?

In Devotionals with Laura we examine those questions.

When Laura said that she read a certain passage at a time of crisis or discouragement in her life, we reflected on what events might have caused her to do that.  When was she in a crisis or when was she discouraged?  We closely examined the selection she mentioned to see what she was drawing from the Bible there.

What did she say in her writings about such a time?  We include excerpts from her articles where she talked about such events.

Then we contemplated what the passage means to us – for the times when we are lonely, discouraged, or in a crisis --- needing God in a special way.

Most of all, we reflected on what God is telling us.

Devotionals with Laura is for those who love the Little House books and who love to read the Bible.

It is not a speed read.  It is a deep read.

This is a Bible study book, a devotional.  It is for people who are devoted to God, and who study the Bible with devotion.  In that sense, these are devotionals with Laura.

·        She looked at a passage at a certain time in her life and said ‘this means this to me.’

·        We look at that same passage and consider what she said.

·        We also include comments from her writings which may relate to the passage.

·        And we consider how the words relate to our lives, as she related them to hers.

When we have done these Devotionals with Laura, meditated on the passages she meditated on, considered her words for life’s critical times, and taken in deeply the very words of Almighty God, then we can begin to understand how Laura’s little Bible helped shape the Little House books.


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