Little Log House on the Big Water

by Dan L. White

 from Ashley Preston Publishing


Kids should read Bible stories.

But usually itís done as a duty, not a delight.

Little Log House on the Big Water puts a little delight in stories from the Big Book.

After all, Eden must have been a colorful place.

Itís only right that it should be so described for young readers.


This is a Bible story book with one difference -- it is actually interesting.  Surely this is one of the most interesting and colorful Bible Story books you can read with your child.

Now you don't have to expect your young readers to read the Bible stories just because they're from the Bible.  Telling the story from Adam to Noah, from the Garden of Eden through the Great Flood, these are stories they should read, and now they're a good read.

For example, in the first chapter, on Making Stuff:

††††††† First, God made the heavens and the earth.But the earth was all swirling and confused, full of nothing but water and waves.The water was not beautiful blue like the Pacific Ocean or shimmering green like a lovely lake.And when the waves crashed and pounded together, the churning waters were not foamy white.

†††††† Everything was black.All around the spinning earth covered with whirling, churning water, there was nothing but darkness.

†††††† Above the waters and in the dark, a spirit hovered.The spirit did not have to stand on anything.It just hovered in the middle of the dark because it was spirit.

†††††† The spirit was God.

†††††† In the middle of the dark, God the spirit said,

†††††† "Let there be light!"

†††††† All of a sudden, in less time than it takes to blink your eye or snap your finger, the darkness was filled with light, all over.It was not black any more.

†††††† God looked around.He saw foamy whitecaps on the churning waters below Him and the light above the waters around Him, and He thought the light was good.So He called the light Day, and the darkness Night.The evening came with darkness, and the morning came with light, and that was the first day.

†††††† Then God said,

†††††† "Let there be a space between the waters, and let it divide the waters above from the waters below."

†††††† God divided the waters in the oceans from the water above.Then the sky became brilliant blue, like the eyes of a Siamese kitten, and the Siamese blue sky stretched halfway around the earth. Below the sky, the ocean was a beautiful blue, too, sprinkled with flecks of white as the waves rollicked around.

†††††† God called the air in the sky Heaven.And the evening and the morning were the second day.

†††††† Then God said,

†††††† "Let the waters under the heavens gather in one place and let the dry land appear."

†††††† When God said that, the beautiful blue oceans became upset.Huge tidal waves rolled bigger than buildings, if there had been buildings, or taller than trees, if there had been trees.The waves rolled and roared, until they all ran together, and behind them where the waves had been, brown mud pooched up.

†††††† Now there were large blue oceans and big chunks of brown land.Together the oceans and the land covered the whole world.

†††††† God called the dry land Earth, and the waters Seas.God liked what He saw.He thought it was good.

†††††† Then God said,

†††††† "Let the earth grow grass, and herbs, and fruit trees."

†††††† The brown earth began to change color.First, a tinge of lime washed into the brown, just barely, as little blades of grass stretched themselves up through the dirt.

†††††† The lime tinge turned to light green as bushes and shrubs sprouted up out of the earth, and stood happily waving their spindly little arms back and forth, up and down.Then the fruit trees, and the nut trees, and all the trees that squirrels love to climb in burst out of the ground and shot up into the air all over the earth.The whole world was wildly waving with bright, beautiful, rich green leaves and limbs and branches.

†††††† God looked at the pretty streaks of green circling His ocean blue world, and He thought it looked very nice, even if He did say so Himself.

††††††††††† Ö..

And so on, through the next time the whole earth was covered with water.


The Little Log House on the Water ~

††††††††† Fun to read~

††††††††† Fine to read~

††††††††† Get the book and your third to sixth grader and read it together.

††††††††† Make a little log house memory.


About the author Ė

Dan L. White lives in Laura Ingalls area, where she lived and wrote the Little House books, and has written two books about her:

††††††††† Laura Ingallsí Friends Remember Her;

††††††††† Devotionals with Laura.

That study of the Little House lady inspired this Bible story book, written to edify and entertain.